Got a food for thoughts from the idiot box yesterday, as I rested indoor from the sudden (and possibly last bit of) warm afternoon.

Boredom, there’s really no such thing as boredom. When you feel bored, you’re probably feeling discontent more than anything else.

So true eh? Goes back to gratitude. When I’m grateful from what I have, I will be content and not bored. I won’t look for distraction or entertainment. It puts me in charge and in check of my mind and attention, to focus on the godly things.

2019 February 22

I will both lie down and sleep in peace, for You alone, Lord , make me live in safety.
Psalms 4:8 HCSB

Amen, anxiety and fear, you’re not my friend. I shall not allow my heart or mind to be your breeding ground, God help me.

Today attended the Brisbane hymn fest at City Tabernacle Baptust Church, beautiful evening of praise and worship in a wonderful church. Brilliant acoustic but most importantly beautiful praise of the Lord.

The finale was a combined choir from at least four different churches, a very majestic piece. Each choir was responsible for different parts of the hymn and musical ranges. I couldn’t work out who was singing what but combined, a grand piece.

My learning? Doesn’t matter which part, but each get a role and if I focus on my contribution alone and do it real well, the outcome will be music to God’s ears. That’s all I need to know.

Doesn’t have to happen only on 1 January, resolute to do or change something. I’m doing it today, so best to note it down to keep myself accountable:

  1. I shall not be influenced by environment or people’s opinion of me, nor swayed by other’s moods or behavior. I shall do and choose to do what’s pleasing to God. Fear God not people.
  2. My opinion and thoughts are not always right. I don’t know everything and I shan’t expect those around me to always have to respect or acknowledge my thoughts. I could be right, but at the same time equally, I could be as wrong.
  3. In everything, seek to understand/remember God, who He is. Not who I am, or what I can/can’t do. He matters above all. Remember God’s conversation with Moses, in Exodus – God is who He is and the never-changing all powerful God is enough, despite Moses’ doubt and stammer and weakness and blah-blah-blah.

I reckon these qre good resolutions. God help me, amen, and good night 😚

Had been an interesting start to the weekend. Firstly, I saw some long lost-in-touch relations visiting Brisbane.

I didn’t think much of it until we actually saw each other in the flesh, I mean it’s only been (what 30 years?) since? Yes, loooong time no see. But thanks to Facebook and Whatsapp, it can’t be that alien, right?

Wrong. Couldn’t be wrong-er. Tears flowed, yep.

Then the good-old-days’ reminiscence.

Then the how’s-everyone-else “gossips” 😄

Then the group photos.

And goodbyes, again, tears and emotion.

It is so interesting. I left home at a young age and never returned for a good 30 years. It’s a long void and their memory of me stopped in time the moment I was absent from family catch-up and reunion meals. I have never been a big post-er on social media, “who cares about me?” and privacy are major factors. And of course, who posts the mundane in their life and make a big deal out of it?

But that’s exactly what brings people together, I realised; not just the good news and picture perfect photoshots; but the mundane. They had no way of knowing my life, unless I had shared them. Isn’t that what social media was meant for? Surely not just for bikini-perfect figures or delicious looking salivating baked goods? What’s wrong with frustrations, grief, helplessness and ugly truth of my life; splashed on my Facebook page???

Hmmmm…. Food for thought….. Kudos to you who bare your heart on social media 👏

Today we witnessed my mother-in-laws baptism. Amazing. Never would I have thought of this happening, ever. God’s incredibly able.

Sermon was on Romans 6, the significance of baptism and crucifixion of the old self. I’ve thought that baptism is only for new believers, but today’s message was equally applicable to me – without burying the old self, Christ cannot reign in our lives. Without Christ leading in our lives, our old sinful body holds the territory and we continue in the struggle of sin and death.

Solution? Daily baptism. No, not dunking in water everyday, but to cruxify our sinful body or subject ourselves to Christ daily; put to death our bodily/earthly desire and subject them for Christ’s cleansing blood worthy for His cause. No longer I but He living in me, lesser of me but He is enlarged.

Thank you for the wisdom and truth that sets us free, that gives eternal lives over sufferings. Amen.

I knew my penpal through her blog, http://www.hipfood.wordpress.com. Even though in different hemisphere and continents, God brought her into my life one fateful night as I was bawling my eyes out over troubled times. Her prayers, encouragement, and similar struggle she’s been through; helped me to my feet and miraculously, I survived.

The other day I had a sister-in-christ shared with me her struggle and dilemma. As I listened to her, my heart hears and I felt for her; simply because I’ve been through the same pit and slimy clay myself. Even if I hadn’t come through my own story victorious, but at least she can somewhat reap the benefit of hindsight I wished I had then.

What I want to say is this – we go through crap in life, fall into pits, experience pain – in all this, there is a God who uses this for a purpose greater than the bad stuff itself. We can be better listener, prayer partner, comforter as a result. Let’s not waste our stories, let not our pain be in vain. Let us not waste God’s “gift” to us and do nothing with it; like the lazy servant in Matthew 25, who hadn’t done anything with the 1000 talent. Win souls like the other two smart servants, you’d never know what difference you might make to others’ lives, like my penpal had to mine.

One of a very famous film star in my days is Chow Yun Fatt, 周润发. Graceful and handsome in his younger days, an excellent and versatile actor. In his 60s, he lives a humble commoner life and not any celebrity air about him, at least that’s what I’ve read in this gossip article.

He’s not a believer, his belief however teaches him to be content with what he has and love others; all this makes him a good role model for others within and outside of the entertainment industry.

As I read this, I began to wonder – even though a non-believer, he’s respected, trusted, and influential; this is as good as it gets, this is life, isn’t it? Why Christ then?

Yes, this is as good as one can get in this lifetime. If a believer, however, he will have eternal life; that is, more than just living. If we wish to lead a good life, we don’t need Christ; but if we want more than just staying alive this lifetime, we got to accept Christ and live like Him.

Simple truth. But easily confuses us if our sight is set on this journey alone. May God help us see clearly.

p.s. I’m not being arrogant just because I’m now a Christian – very important reminder for all believers here http://whenisayiamachristian.com/

2018 Sep 13

Today’s encouragement is in Psalm 130:4 – that the Lord forgives us because of His great love (v. 7a), so that we fear Him. I was amazed that He wants us to fear Him; ahem, not out of fear from punishment or scorn; but because of His great love!

How beautiful are you Lord, how gracious and worthy. May we fear the Lord, for He is worthy. Amen

This week has been quite amazing, I had a few revelations:

  1. Commit my finances to the mininum tithe
  2. Surrender myself and lay down my guide (I really resonated with lyrics of New Wine, “lay down my old flames, to carry Your new fire today”)
  3. Follow a routine with my daily devotion
  4. Share with my mum a worship song sang at fellowship today, so she could possibly share with my aunties, who are devout buddhists
  5. Really ask God to reveal where He is stirring my passion in, as I don’t think it’s at my current vocation (and to pay attention to His voice!)

Thank you Lord for speaking to me, even when I do not focus on You. May I recognize Your voice and not run away from Your words. Amen.