2018 Sep 13

Today’s encouragement is in Psalm 130:4 – that the Lord forgives us because of His great love (v. 7a), so that we fear Him. I was amazed that He wants us to fear Him; ahem, not out of fear from punishment or scorn; but because of His great love!

How beautiful are you Lord, how gracious and worthy. May we fear the Lord, for He is worthy. Amen


This week has been quite amazing, I had a few revelations:

  1. Commit my finances to the mininum tithe
  2. Surrender myself and lay down my guide (I really resonated with lyrics of New Wine, “lay down my old flames, to carry Your new fire today”)
  3. Follow a routine with my daily devotion
  4. Share with my mum a worship song sang at fellowship today, so she could possibly share with my aunties, who are devout buddhists
  5. Really ask God to reveal where He is stirring my passion in, as I don’t think it’s at my current vocation (and to pay attention to His voice!)

Thank you Lord for speaking to me, even when I do not focus on You. May I recognize Your voice and not run away from Your words. Amen.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what is on God’s mind – why did you pull the rug from under me? I had it going so well, I had worked hard, do you have a clue what you are doing?

Yeah, that’s why He’s God and we’re not. When Jesus was hung on the cross, bystanders couldn’t comprehend why the king they had welcomed not too many days before, has fallen from grace. They didn’t know how to react, what else to pin their hopes on, who to turn to. The disciples ran away, they abandoned their lord and returned to their previous lives. What else could one do?

They didn’t know the miracle that would follow, they didn’t expect Jesus to come to them, they certainly didn’t imagine they’d go back to being disciples again and be remembered for what they’ve done for Jesus and the gospel!

It’s okay to feel disappointed and lost, God gave us soft hearts and feelings to go with it. But when we’re down and out, pray that we’ll recognize Jesus when He reaches out to us and ask us, “do you love me?”

“Yes, Lord I do. Coz you’ve walked with me, comforted me, gave me rest. Thank you for your grace, thank you.”

Caught up with the old pastor today and was truly inspired by his sharing today. Our problems in life is but a speck; when compared to what God can do. It’s a problem and hardship alright, what we go through, I’m not minimizing pain or suffering; but God is able to work out His plan despite our pain/confusion/tunnel-vision. What we need to do is to look at everything around us through God’s lenses/purpose, not our understanding/knowledge/fleshly desire.

What wisdom! I look at everything around me through my specked lenses, blaming and procrastinating because God hasn’t solved the injustices in my life. Yes, 12 years of putting that speck before God; convinced myself that God owes me something and I can put everything on hold until He solves my problem.

So, what do I do now that God has opened up my eyes? I confess and ask God into my life again, that I need to follow His spiritual guidance than my way; because His way is higher than mine. Amen.

This morning I struggled with a prayer of thanksgiving. I forgot where God is. How did I lose it all? How did giving thanks become superficial? Since when did I lose heart in prayers?

So I went back in memory. I don’t have battle wins as big as David’s to boost my God-confidence; or parting of the Red Sea like Moses did.

But God is in my life, how big or small the miracles are, He is in my life. He plucked me out of mirry clay (figuratively…). He brought me to see His grace, when I’ve come from nowhere. He gave me this life and I had not paid a price (thought I live with the consequences). He comforted and assured me of His presence when I was in doubt. Now I’m again reminded that was when I met my first love and that’s all it matters. Let me not forget this first love, not straybfrom it. Amen.

Today’s resolution is I want to learn to chat with God, because He is a good listener, better than anyone else; He longs for me to yearn for His company, more than anyone else.

It reminds me of the book I’ve read a long time back, Father heart of God, while I cannot remember the story but I’m reminded of God’s longing for us.

Lord, may my longing for you be more and more each day, so that I’m dependent on you alone for my joy and passion. Amen

Reading Psalm 146:5-6 is very inspiring, because it puts me in my place.

Instead of remembering who God is – the almighty who is bigger than our circumstances (well hello, He created this universe?!) – I constantly look to Him to fulfill my “need”. The psalm says He’s the creator and our hope and the truth. Dwell on that, and does that not put us in our rightful place?

Our response? Praise Him. Be glad in Him. Live out the hope He gives. Amen.