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We began to attend the Bible study at church today.

It’s quite a journey coming to this study.  We were invited to the study by a Brother at church over morning tea, “we have a Bible study every Wednesday at 7:30pm here, the pastor bring us through series of topics.  It’s interesting, do come and join us!”  We were hesitant at that moment, well, at least I was.  We were new to the church and we do not know anyone there.  To me, attending studies is a very intimate thing – you “expose” yourself, you talk about feelings.  That’s a little too much to ask for when you are new to church?

Another thing that was holding us back was the fact that we are now hooked onto this new television series, “Fringe”, on Wednesday nights.  I am not a TV addict but somehow this series got me interested.  Will I or will I not “sacrifice” my chill-out nights???

So the decision process of attending this Bible study delayed…. until one Wednesday I got back from work, rather late, discovered that “Fringe” is no longer on.  It was pulled off air, apparently because of its low rating.  Is this a sign, we wondered.

So this Wednesday, we knocked off from work on time so as to make it to church on time for the Bible study.

The pastor was very well-prepared and the topic is on the “end days”.  It’s very complicating and plunging in at the 4th talk doesn’t make it any easier.  The pastor brought us through passages in Matthew 24, Daniel 9 and 1 Thessalonians 4 and 5.  If these are not enough to confuse me, I don’t know what will.  But he went through them verse by verse, making comparisons between the different books and literally, opened our eyes to the Words!  It’s absolutely amazing!

By the end of the study we were speechless.  In the car my husband and I shared our thoughts.  For me personally, the end days never actually bothered me.  Eternity doesn’t entice me either.  This is different now that I know that Jesus will come back for us (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17) and we’ll be with Him till eternity; no matter what I have done here on earth but because I have accepted Him as my saviour He will come back for me, His bride.  This is God’s promise to His children.  It only struck me then that this is what God has saved us for – to be with Him for eternity.  If this is such a beautiful thing everyone should know it – this is why evangelists are so passionate about the gospel – it’s the only purpose of all creation.

We’ll continue to go for this study.  There’s no chance to bare my heart out so I need not be weary of it (thank God!).  Rather, I know that I only need to bare my heart out to God anyway.

After-words: “Fringe” came back on air 2 weeks later, on Monday nights instead.  Haha, what sacrifice?!


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New interest

We bought a second-hand keyboard from a junk yard.  I started to learn the piano when I was 6 years old, I think.  After I heard a cousin playing “Fur Elise” on her piano I bugged my parents to buy me a piano and send me to lessons.  That only went on for “3 minutes heat”, I soon lost interest after I learnt that playing the piano means more examinations and practicing of the notes.  So when I left home at the age of 12, that was a valid excuse to give up this “hobby” I no longer love.  I only got through my grade 3 examination on the piano by then and it wasn’t very impressive.  And the sad thing is I wasn’t bright enough to learn “Fur Elise”.

Today when I picked up the song sheets for the keyboard those memories of sitting before the piano came back to me, but this time I have a mischievous smile on me.  No longer will I play and learn for examinations and grade assessment, but it is really for my interest.  I can learn to play the tunes I like – perhaps not “Fur Elise” – at the time I like.  I would play for a little after dinner and it relaxes me.  The little I remember from grade 3 piano has helped me to read the notes (I still call them “beansprouts”) and so I could still manage a few tunes.

The aim now is to learn to play a Christmas carol by Christmas, so there’s exactly 1 month to learn and practise.  My husband is on this adventure with me, he is to learn “Silent Night” while I’m learning “The First Noel” 🙂

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