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Today at the women’s ministry we had a 15-minute worship time, in response to the end of the “Drawing closer to God” series. The women’s pastor asked us to just sit back (or lie back) and stay in God’s presence, be ready for Him to speak.

The pastor put on a worship song, I don’t know its name but the chorus went along the line of “you (Jesus) will be my song”. I am easily distracted so I thought I was more focused on the music than on God.

God however works in all ways. Towards the end I had a nudge – worship. “To know me, you have to learn to worship me”.

That shall be my plan for the week. Worship Him and give Him praises, because He is worthy.

Psalm 67:1-7 (New International Version)

1 May God be gracious to us and bless us
and make his face shine upon us,

2 that your ways may be known on earth,
your salvation among all nations.

3 May the peoples praise you, O God;
may all the peoples praise you.

4 May the nations be glad and sing for joy,
for you rule the peoples justly
and guide the nations of the earth.

5 May the peoples praise you, O God;
may all the peoples praise you.

6 Then the land will yield its harvest,
and God, our God, will bless us.

7 God will bless us,
and all the ends of the earth will fear him.


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To make a plan. Let me explain.

This morning when I was praying, I asked God to change me – please take away my control-freak nature God, it’s making me miserable because I expect others and things to happen the way I want them to. Well, if you live in the real world you’d know that it hardly ever happen this way.

At that moment I sense a nudge. “This is your gift, it said, give thanks for it.” That’s right! Our God never makes mistakes. What He has given us we meant to use it for His glory, His purpose. “Make it yours, my control-freak nature. I am a good planner and that is Your gift for me.”

Just the other day I thought about my various moves around the globe. I moved back to Malaysia after my graduation, much reluctantly. The same sentiment when I moved to Sydney almost 7 years back. The reason? I had to start knowing people and community all over again, to establish new links and friends. I was very successful in establishing my network, I got to know many close friends – some have changed my perspective in life, many have shared my laughter and tears, others gave me unconditional support whenever I voice my needs. How did I do it, I started to wonder. It was because I gave myself a mission, and I did it because I persevered and I did what I set out for myself to do.

My journey to stand up straight will need the same perseverance and putting together a good plan. Both elements happen to be my “talents” – so I would say that I am in good shape.

Plan – not to be affected by circumstances or those around. Now, I would need some distraction. How about some worship music? At one stage I sang to myself the hymn “Give thanks” but that sort of died off after awhile. OK, time to put perseverance into play.

Nike says this “Just do it”. So will I.

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Today’s funny :-)


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A recent Girlfriends in God daily devotion talks about being prayerful is one of the roles of wives, one of the ways women become helpers of our husbands.  I remember learning about this before I knew my husband and fervently praying to be my husband’s helper during our courtship.  This spirit seemed to have left me though pretty soon after we decided to get married – the hussle and bussle of the wedding, setting up a new home, finally getting married, settled in together… – life overtook me, I guess.

Into our 3rd year of marriage, I began to realize the importance of this.  The union of man and wife is such a powerful block, “two is better than one” it says in the Bible.  When I am not a helper, I am a burden to my husband; when I put my need and desire before God’s and my husband’s, we do not work as a “power-bloc” – God’s glory does not live in us.  That means we are prone to Satan’s destructive hands.  This is typical of many moments in our marriage – lack of communications, doubts and self-willed prevailed.  I want a marriage which shines and is pleasing to God, so as I read this devotion I took note of the suggested prayer points for husbands:

(excerpts from Girlfriends in God daily devotion on 17 February 2009)

Dear Lord, I pray for my husband, from head to toe.

  • His Head –That he will look to You as Lord of his life. (1 Corinthians 11:3)  
  • His Mind — That he will have the mind of Christ and think as the Holy Spirit would lead him and not the flesh. (1 Corinthians 2:16)  
  • His Eyes –That You will keep his eyes from temptation and that he will turn his eyes from sin. (Matthew 6:13, Mark 9:47)  
  • His Ears — That he will hear Your still small voice instructing him. (1 Kings 19:12, Psalm 32:8)  
  • His Mouth — That his words will be pleasing to You. (Proverbs 19:1)  
  • His Neck — That he will humble himself before You and be strong, courageous, and careful to do everything written in Your Word so that he will be prosperous and successful. (James 4:10, Joshua 1:8-9)  
  • His Heart — That he will love and trust You with his whole heart. (Deuteronomy 6:5, Proverbs 3:5)  
  • His Arms — That You will be his strength. (Psalm 73:26)  
  • His Hands — That he will enjoy the work of his hands and see it as a gift from You. (Ecclesiastes 3:13, 5:19)  
  • His Feet — That You will order his steps and that he will walk in Your truth. (Proverbs 4:25, Psalm 26:3)

May God make wives prayer warriors for our husbands, so that they will be out there being warriors for God.  Amen.

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Over the weekend I followed a Chinese series on the satellite telecast called 暖春 (A Warm Spring).  The story tells of a child who was orphaned following her father’s death in a tragic ore accidenta.  She came to a remote farming village and was adopted by an elderly man; despite objection coming from his son and daughter-in-law.  As a result, the son and his wife brewed resentment towards this orphan, whom they claimed has broken the once peaceful and happy family. 

The elderly man dotes on this girl, who is bright and caring and appreciative of what this “grandpa” has done for her.  He sold what all that he has in order to enrol her in the local school and in order to keep their living, he continued to work into the late hours so as not to burden his son.

The series paints brilliantly the picture of envy and jealousy in mankind.  The son and his wife’s dislike towards this orphan turned into resentment very quickly in light of the “rebelion” of their father.  The most scary thought is that the performance of the little girl around the house, in school and her care towards the grandpa actually infuriated the couple!  They could hardly appreciate or bear the thought of another’s righteousness and good deeds; amidst their envious hearts.  It is as if the innocent girl has stolen their glory and reward away, by being good.

The good news was that it ended well and I was all teary watching the final episode.  In the end the couple did accept the orphan, after learning numerous painful lessons on count-your-blessings.  The family got back together and lived happily ever after.  But this was not the end of it – like all good dramas – a secret was revealed.  It turned out that the son, who was so against his father’s adoption decision as he couldn’t bear his father’s sacrifice for a “stranger”; was in fact himself an adopted child!  The father has kept this secret from him because he didn’t want him to feel unwanted or abandoned, he wanted him to feel loved. 

While I think that the others do not deserve God’s blessings, for all the aweful things they have done; I have forgotten that I am also a sinner to begin withm but God took me just the way I am.  He was willing to mould me and shape me, despite my inequities.    Because He is gracious and compassionate, that’s His characters; we are saved not by our deeds but by His grace.

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A very touching story

This is a post by a good Sister-in-Christ and I would love to share it with all – simple yet to the point of how our Saviour Lord has put in for every single one of us all.  Enjoy the read.

Push-ups and donuts

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This is a really easy recipe from Donna Hay’s book.  I tried it for a recent birthday and “dressed” it up with cream and strawberries – beautiful were the responses.  Try it for yourself!


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