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This morning I “bumped into” this verse “.. whoever comes to me I will never drive away.”  (John 6:37).  Just the night before I was struggling with the notion of rejection, and this verse came at the perfect timing!  Well, Jesus made my day!

Yes, the great comforter, counsellor Lord, thank you for never saying NO to me when I come before You.  You have reassured me in the Words of Your love and purpose for me, that I am Yours.  I pray for the verse to cement this in me, so that I might not stray nor wonder whilst I am in the world.  Amen.


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Yes, I do pray. 

Is it a big part of me?  No, I wouldn’t say so. 

When do I pray?  When I’m in trouble and I need a miracle, that’s when I pray. 

Do I seriously believe in its power?  Not sure…  sometimes yes, sometimes no.

So, what’s my point?

Today our pastor made a remark about a prayer point that has been with us every Bible study night, and how it has come to pass.  Mind you, it’s just a “please keep so-and-so safe and healthy” type prayer.  To me, it’s a nice gesture, very caring and just simply general.  However, I felt convicted when today our pastor gave thanks because this prayer has come to pass – the person being prayed for is healthy and had remained healthy.

On any given day I would have just shrug it off as “ah you know, we are being taken care of, everyday.”  It’s nothing.  Not spectacular enough.  No mountain was moved.  So thank you, Lord, for nothing.  That’s my normal reaction.

Tonight, it felt a little different.  I could feel the spirit telling me that, “hey, it IS something that the person you prayed for is healthy today; it IS something that God takes care of you – God IS something!  It was not by chance, but by prayer!  He listens!” 

Yes, I take a lot of things for granted – God being one of them (probably top on the list).  I pray, but I do not take it seriously.  Inside of me, God is no more than a magic wand, He doesn’t have a crown as He should rightly have.

Dear Lord, I pray from my heart tonight.  You are our keeper and I shall be led by You, and You alone; not for your miracles but for Your fellowship.  Amen.

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Words I would say

This is an excellent song, by Sidewalk Prophets.  I couldn’t find an “original” on Youtube but this is fairly cute (I love the chipmunks) and best of all, it has the lyrics!


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I thought this is a very good strip illustrating the great teaching in the Bible – thou shalt not judge!Baby Blues 2007 Aug 10

Baby Blues comics can be accessed here.

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