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I am home looking after my mum this week as she is unwell.  It has gone on for about 2 weeks and she is starting to look really frail and weak by now.  She is usually fairly mobile and energetic, but the fortnight’s worth of fever has taken its toll and has rendered her rather slow.

It is times like this that I am reminded of aging and mortality of the human being.  I’m unsure if any of the ancient European emperors were infamous for their dream of fighting mortality, but there’s certainly a fair few of those in the Chinese dynasties.  Emperor Qin was definitly one of them, seeking high and low for a remedy to eternal youth and life – even in his death his body was preserved and buried with thousands of tomb warriors, in case he does come back to rule in his grave!  How ridiculous!

But this is not something that happens only in history, it’s still around us today.  Remember those cosmetic advertisement of “locking in your youth” or “say goodbye to 10-years of aging” – even with what we know today we are still trying to stay young and disassociate ourselves from the reality of aging!  When was the last time you hear someone describe themselves as “young at heart”?

I am not sure where I’m going with these thoughts, but sometimes I wonder what is behind all these “anti-aging” business.  Is it the fear of death?  Or we are just rebellious and think that we can defy the course of nature?  Or perhaps we are trying to prove ourselves, that we are not mere mortals and we can actually control our own courses?  I don’t know, it’s just interesting….


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Little kids love to ask this, “but… why???????”, usually emphasis around “why” when they were told some sort of a truth – like “do not bite your nails” or “it is getting late”.  Usually there’s a sensible answer to them and they can appreciate the truth, other times it may not even be something an average adult can answer – like “why is the sky blue?” or “why is there day and night?”.  The answer may be just, “because that’s the way it is!”

God gives us wisdom to ask the questions “why”, but it may not be a straightforward thing we can understand easily.  That’s why God says in Isaiah 55:9,

“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

I love questioning, and it often gets me into disastrous corners.  In Chinese there’s a term “digging into the tip of a bull’s horn” – reasoning to the n-th degree until I am surrounded by darkness with no “exit” sign anywhere to be found.

The Bible gives one simple answer to a lot of affliction – it’s due to sinfulness of the human race.  The Bible also gives many examples of how to silent those questions – reason with God.  He is the only know-all.  I love my pastor’s advice at a Bible study night – “when you have an issue with a passage, pray and ask for wisdom; if however you still do not receive any insight, park it and believe that the Lord will have the answer for you when one day you are ready for it.”

Yes Lord, I do not have the answer to all the questions, You do.  You know our hearts and everything else.  Give me the wisdom and patience to leave an issue behind and believe that You will reveal to me the truth the day I am ready.  Amen.

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I have looked high and low, so glad to have found it finally!

You’re Here by Francesca Battistelli – enjoy.

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