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Have not written for a long time but a sentence in Daily in Christ devotion today really prompted me to share – “believing the truth and walking by faith is what sets us free” (emphasis mine). 

How true?  Now I understand why it’s not just plain accepting Christ into our lives that brings us freedom – we will still face trials, hardship, fears, etc. – these bring us down and throw us out.  Many complains that life after baptism or confession still hasn’t taken away their blues.  But if we walk by faith, that makes the difference – believing and living out the new life that Christ’s death bought for us can (and will) bring out the peace, joy, love in our daily lives.  Look at Paul, that’s one good testimony – imagine being imprisoned but still able to sing and praise for God – that’s beyond comprehension until we look at “walking by faith”. 

The walk is not without its challenge, but let’s bring Jesus alongside us and it’ll be more peaceful, joyful and lovely.


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I’m truly flooded!  A new house, uncertain financing, work (and more work!!!) in the office, packing, moving, mum’s renovation job…. wait, but there’s more (ok, that’s how it sounds like at the back of my mind)!?  This is really affecting my sanity plus my patience – I’m no longer the nice person to ask when there’s a question, nor am I the cool and calm person I normally am when faced with an emergency, not to mention no-rest in between the different tasks I’m juggling at the moment.  Yep, I’ve lost it.

Now, let me practise this:

Oh Lord…. what’s happening?  Why does it pour like this when it normally just drizzles?!  Please, take this from my cup…. I’m truly not coping.  Yes, I’m afraid to see everything fall apart, coz it’ll look soooooo bad when it collapses – it just shows that I’m incapable of keeping everything in the air!  Help me to recognize that I’m limited, help me to understand that I can’t be the end-all and help me accept my limited ability (and live up to it!).  Give me the ability to learn from this experience, help me to stay cool and honest to all; let this be a testimony to those around me.  You be my voice, Lord oh God, and sustain me.  Amen.

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I am reading Characters Around the Cross written by Tom Houston, it is a book that explores the characters surrounding Jesus’ crucifixion.  I was greatly challenged by his first chapter, exploring the characteristics and circumstances surrounding the Jews who were waving the palm leaves and laying down their cloaks for Jesus as he entered Jerusalem on a donkey.

The Jews who were there welcoming and hailing the King of Jews believed Jesus was the Messiah.  They knew their old testament well and was convinced that he was the God-sent to save the people, which explains their excitement as Jesus came riding on the donkey.  They cheered on and celebrated his arrival, beleiving in their hearts that better days are on its way.  After 3 days however, their enthusiasm took a plunge and they demanded for Pilate to crucify Jesus.  The author then explored further on how the crowd who knew God’s words so well, witnessed (or heard by the word of mouth) Jesus’ miracles, heard his teachings, amazed by his Godliness and wisdom could give up their enthusiasm so quickly; to such a point as to turn around and asked for his crucifixion!  This is how frail and fragile human is – we can easily be swayed – starting with a little doubts and our whole belief system can take a dive before we know it.  Just a little pain and we’ll wake up to realise our mortality, and we forget about God’s promise of eternal life; with a little bad influence around us and we’ll forsake the value system we hold onto; just a little remark from a nobody and we’ll forget about our value in God’s eyes.  The Jews do not recognize Jesus as their Messiah, because they cannot believe the form of punishment he had gone through.  How much better off are we today as believers, when little things surrounding us can just as easily take us away from what we believe on a daily basis?

Heavenly Father, you believe in us now matter what you see inside our hearts.  You love us so You gave up Your only son to die for us, so we may be sinless before You.  Thank you for your grace.  Please remind us daily of our position and privilege in Your kingdom, so that we do not stray or waver.  Amen.

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Yesterday’s Bible study was on Jesus, His divinity as well as his humanity.  One of my favourite scenes in the gospels, Jesus’ prayer in the garden of Gethsamene, was again mentioned.  On earth, Jesus has given up his power and status as God, he is no longer all-present, all-knowing and all-able; but yet he was sinless.  How did he do it, if he was fully man when he was here on earth?  He was in constant fellowship with God the Father, he was in communion with the Holy Spirit and God, tuned in completely and know all about God’s will.

As the pastor explained this, I was filled with awe – I wonder how it would feel like when one is in constant fellowship with God.  I mean, there’s no self involved, just God.  I cannot imagine it, I truly can’t.  It must be feel so good –  All that depression, anger, jealousy, hatred, stress, insecurity, etc. etc. etc. will be gone!  I’d be singing “What a Wonderful World”!

The fact that Jesus when he was here on earth was truly man intends to give us encouragement – it is possible to enjoy constant fellowship with God here on earth.  His days on earth serves to act as a guide for us – his prayers, his obedience and his love.  He didn’t only teach, he practised what he preached, he was a living example of a true Christian.

God, it must be awesome to be constantly walking with you!  I want that to happen in my Christian life too, I want to have to have that freedom you promised all believers.  Lord, I cannot imagine the joy and peace of being in your presence, please show me.  Amen.

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