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6 February 2010

Today this verse spoke to me,

“Whatever happens, my dear brothers and sisters, rejoice in the Lord.  I never get tired of telling you this these things, and I do it to safe-guard your faith.” Philippians 3:1 NLT

To safe-guard our faith, to not let circumstances and events to compromise our faith, one needs to rejoice in the Lord.  Paul went to on tell us the ingredients of “rejoicing”,

  • not rely on our own efforts or the law (Ph 3:3b);
  • look ahead of us even if the past has failed us (Ph 3:13b);
  • remember the return of Christ (Ph 4:5b);
  • do not worry (Ph 4:6); and
  • fixate our eyes on what is excellent and worthy of praise (Ph 4:8).

Lord, it is such a tall order but we know that when we hear and heed, Your presence and spirit fills us; and nothing is impossible when You are within us.  Amen.


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A couple of months back I was introduced to the concept of celebration at the local CPA Congress.  The guest speaker said about the “disappearance” of celebration in our culture nowadays, the “death” of celebration in our lives.  The little girl inside of us who would stand out feeling proud, holding our heads high to proclaim a big “ta-dah” before others when we reached a milestone or achieved a not-so-achievable (in our perception); all gone missing.  Well, some say that it’s a display of maturity and subtlety, through the “humbleness” rather than “showing off”.  So, celebrations are more quiet…. and private.

Today somehow I have a thought about celebration and gratitude – the good feeling of a success or milestone leading to celebration doesn’t have to be self-indulgent?  It can originate from a sense of gratitude – “how great it is that I have come this far and taste this now!”  To take it further, “how great is our God that He has brought me this far to taste this now!”

I do not recall having big family celebration for anything – I blamed this on being born to a small family.  Chinese new year used to be an extended family event and I loved it.  As I grew older and extended family event grew to become a blast from the past, celebration grew rarer.  I actually began to feel fearful of anything that calls for a celebration; because it was usually rather, well, quiet (yea, I can understand all those who run away on a tour during the long festive period…).

Today I think I would like to begin by linking all calls for celebration to gratitude, with thanksgiving.  Slow down and lick the taste of celebration but bring that joy to God’s feet.  I guess in that case it doesn’t matter whether I am alone or with an extended family 🙂

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We were very privileged to have the opportunity to meet a great Bible teacher who was only passing by to visit a family from our church.  Gene Cunningham and his wife was on their way back to their home in the USA, but decided to drop by to visit a family friend of theirs in Canberra.  They were then being invited to our church for a special meet to share their thoughts with us Monday evening.

I can only describe his teaching as down-to-earth and Biblical based.  He answered a few questions from the floor at the end of his sharing and blessings and the pointers he gave were practical and simple.  The faith of Gene and his wife (Nancy) was amazing, hearing God’s voice and guidance and simply following wholeheartedly, despite the circumstance.

Our pastor always said that God’s teaching and revelation should be free for all, as He gave us freely so why should anyone profit from it?  When I searched for Gene Cunningham’s website and I found all the great resources, and guess what?  It is free for all – so I definitely will refer to it!

Look-out for Gene Cunningham’s link in the side-panel of my blog.

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