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Had difficulty falling asleep last night, despite a fever.  Think I’ve had a little too much sleep during the day.

It had been a hectic 2 weeks.  Moving between jobs, endless farewell parties, handing over my old job, getting familiar with the new, culture shock 101 🙂  To top that all off, a cold and coughs.  What untimely visit!  Thought I had gotten away with winter without a scratch but I was wrong.

Anyhow, lying in bed and this thought came to me – our God has never forsaken us, His people.  Despite the earliest sins, He has not given up on us – “where are you?”  (Gen 3:9b) He asked and sought out for Adam and Eve, even though they have disobeyed.  How easy was it for us to forget God?  For me, too easy!  I remember going to our regular Sunday service after a long while, and partaking in the Holy Communion.  That was the first Holy Communion in a long time, so long I couldn’t recall when the last was.  Anyhow, after the pastor gave thanks, the bread was passed around.  I picked one up and without waiting on a second put it in my mouth!  For all of you who are unfamiliar with the ritual, the entire church have the bread together, after pondering and praying to our Lord Jesus.  But I, as how my husband put it afterwards, gobbled it down like a hungry ghost!  That just goes to show how easily I forget something I have learnt within the decade!

Lucky for us, God is faithful and never quite forget us that easily.  He sought out Adam and Eve at the beginning, sent out prophets and judges; so that we may recognise and know Him.  He had to in the end “get out attention” by sending one of His own, Jesus, so that we may know Him.  He never fails, His love never fails and is long-lasting.


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