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I love white.  It’s a versatile colour, goes well with pretty much any other colours and it brings out my skin tone better than others.  White is just simple and plain, nice on its own.

But I often steer away from buying white clothings.  There is always that white top or pair of pants which would catch my eyes in the shopping mall, and I would go to the extent of trying it on.  The end result is often “nuh…. I’ll give it a miss.”

Why, you ask.  Well, for starter, white is often too revealing.  You gotta think about what you wear UNDERNEATH a piece of white apparel, or, you could be giving away way more than what you have planned for!  Then there’s also the challenge of keeping a white piece of clothing, well, WHITE!  Ever notice it’s way too easy to stain a piece of white clothing?  The day I put on a white top would most definitely be the day I spill my coffee or scrape my sleeves against a very dirty car for no apparent reason.  It’s just ridiculous how difficult it is to maintain a white top!

Which incidentally brings me to an interesting thought I had this morning – the similarity between, say, a white top and a Christian believer.  When you declare yourself a Christian, you would have people pointing out to you that you have sinned – “Hey, you did that and that was way too wrong!”  It shows up too quickly and is more outstanding than others.

This morning I read an article by a theologian on embracing faith.  His belief is that each one of us has one but we often do not have the wisdom (and guts, I would say) to admit it.  I could not believe the number of negative comments his post received.  One of the comments referred to actions of Catholic priests which have been exposed of late, that if that’s what “faith” is representative of, then the commentator would rather be an atheist.  As a disclaimer, I in no action nor form condone the actions of the priests, but it just proves my point that when you are a believer (my famous white top), your sins (my cappuccino stains) are more controversial (sticks out like a sore thumb)!

The truth is, and this is what God says in the Bible, sinning is human; whether or not you are a believer.  For the ones who choose to believe have a relationship with God and have the privilege of receiving forgiveness for your sins and receive the unconditional love only a Creator is capable of giving.

“Come now, let’s settle this,”
says the Lord.
“Though your sins are like scarlet,
I will make them as white as snow.
Though they are red like crimson,
I will make them as white as wool.”

Isaiah 1:18

Where does it leave my white top then?  Well, any top is susceptible to staining, so get over it Sister!

(Failing which, there’s always the trustworthy bleach!)


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My confidence comes from God alone – no matter if I’m fat or thin, pretty or ugly, a loser or an achiever – God loves and accepts me the way I am.  He is my confidence, my God’s love give me confidence.

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