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Heard on the radio today on the way from work that some evangelist has “calculated” that 21 May 2011 is Judgement Day, the day of reckoning in the Bible, the day when believers will be lifted up to heaven and be with Jesus.

Have read the book of Revelation and it will be nothing less than amazing on Judgement Day.  We can look forward to this day’s coming as it will be the most beautiful day ever, believers live for this day – no more pain and worry and to be reunited with our Creator, to live in the garden of Eden again.

Although this is fabulous news for believers, the coming of Judgement Day, but all of a sudden I felt really sad at this thought.  What about my friends and family who is not saved yet???  Today we can have fun together on earth, but when Judgement Day comes, we will not meet again!

But of course no one really know when this day will come.  Jesus said in one of his parables that no one will know about it so we need to be prepared all the time.  So my prayer today is for my family of friends, let them be saved, let them believe.  God, if it’s your will, please take away their choices.  You love them, Lord, because they are your creation.  Please let them be saved and we can enjoy together on the same table in heaven.  Amen.


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Genesis 14

A dear sister gave me Message bible on CD, so that I can listen to God’s words while driving – what a wonderful idea, Sister!

Today’s passage is Genesis 14.  What grabbed my attention was towards the end of the chapter Genesis 14:23, when Abram wouldn’t take anything from the king of Sodom, such that the king cannot boast of making Abram rich.

To me, the king of Sodom signify the way of this world; while Abram is a god-fearing man, a believer like you and me.  Abram wouldn’t let anything of the world to bless and make him prosperous, because God alone is his provider.  So should we – we do not believe this world’s definition of prosperity.  God blesses us with peace-love-faith, plenty of it, never-ending of this, this is what we seek.  We do not want to give the world an opportunity to see that us using their way to false prosperity, instead, God’s blessings should sing out to this world as a testimony!

God, help me to see your provision as being my ultimate need today.  Amen.

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