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I have been so far behind in blogging it’s not funny.  What started out to be a great idea and an avenue for my “venting” began to dwindle down close to a year ago now.  It’s really pathetic, not having anything to say!  But I guess that’s just my nature – I am not good at sharing my joy.  If you ask me, on a normal course of a day “how are you today?” you will hear, “good, but….”   Yea, where’s the “count your blessing mentality, sister?”

Well, another reason for the dwindling blog entries is because I have drifted off my Bible reading and prayer.  No revelation comes around as much any more as I left God by the wayside.  I celebrate successes without acknowledging His grace and provision.  Not a lot of good can be accomplished when you leave God out of the equation – things began to go south pretty quickly.  Yet, I didn’t realised my need for God – I continued on, working harder, until I snapped.  Yep, pretty easily the high-flyer has fallen flat on me face.  So, TODAY marks the return to God and His words.  And boy, can I tell you it’s great!  Although I have done wrong in God’s eyes, He doesn’t withheld His grace and love for me, just as what Jesus has described in the parable fo the prodigal son.

I picked up where I left off about a year ago, at 1 Samuel.  I will jot my thoughts down on this blog and may this be the witness of my journey.  Thank you for reading!

31 July 2011 – 1 Samuel 1 and 2

The book began with Samuel’s parents and the “beginning” of Samuel.  2 points I see from my reading today:

  • I see Hannah’s faith in the Lord and how I ought to pray (1 Sam 1:18) – Hannah, Samuel’s mother, was barren and looked down by the other wife of her husband.  She prayed for a son and of course we see later that her prayer was answered.  I don’t know about you, but when I pray to the Lord, the matter I pray about doesn’t get off my head.   As I read “…her face was no longer downcast” the Spirit showed me how little faith I have in my prayer!  The Lord believed in her prayer, because she believed in His power; whereas I look at my problem and get overwhelmed by its grips.  Our God has turned the impossibles into possibles, so why don’t I leave my worries with Him and step out in faith?
  • Our gifts can be taken away if we do not do what we are told by the Lord – we see in later part of Chapter 2 the sinful sons of Eli.  Eli is a Levite, the tribe chosen by the Lord as His priest for Israel.  His sons however did evil in the Lord’s eyes and was finally destroyed as young men.  Jesus has told us in the parable of the talent that whoever unfaithful to the talent given to him will have none in the end; much like Eli’s family tree going forward.  The Lord promised him that there will be “never be an old man” in his family line (1 Sam 2:31), therefore meaning no more priesthood.

Lord, may we follow you whole-heartedly, in faith and in deeds.  We cannot do this on our own, because we live in a sinful body, but you can help us.  You have already given us your Spirit, may we not quench the spirit and we shall heed its nudge.  Amen.


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