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1 Samuel 11-16

These chapters talk about how Saul has “lost” his anointing as Israel’s king and one could find many references useful for believers, one of which was “to obey is better than sacrifice” in 1 Sam 15:22.

What I found really inspiring and interesting was in 1 Sam 14:7, the willingness of Jonathan’s armour-bearer to follow his master whole-heartedly, “…. I am with you heart and soul.”  I cannot imagine how comforting it would be to hear this, especially in a life and death situation as Jonathan was coming up to the Philistines.  There was only the two of them, and this servant could easily have walked off to save his own life!  I mean, what is the chance of defeating the Philistine, rocking up to them without an army?  Or intelligence information?  Or a map of the opponent camp?  Don’t think that was a very clever plan, but he stuck with his master regardless.

Lord, how do I serve you if I believe in my own hands more than I do in Yours?  Help me to choose faith and to trust, so that I can be Your servant, a loyal follower to the end.  Amen.


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1 Samuel 7-10

As I read these chapters, I thought about God’s faithfulness to a nation which is unfaithful.  Israelites have been unfaithful to God, running after and worshipping idols as soon as they are in safety; looking up to their neighbouring nations rather than to God for their worth.  But yet, God never forsakes them because they are His people, His chosen ones.  The pain that His people goes through pains Him, that’s why even when there is 1 faithful person amongst Israel, He would heed his prayer and rescue His people.  Samuel prayed for Israel, and God listened.

This just goes to show that our God feels our pain when we suffer.  Many ask, why do God allows sufferings?  If He loves us so much, why does He allow it?  I don’t have an answer but I know He cares even in the midst of our sufferings.  As I read the chapters tonight, I felt that He pains for the Israelites, and is so grief when they departed from His love.  Today, our God is still the same – He pains for our sufferings and He griefs when we do not acknowledge Him or refuses His love.

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1 Samuel 3 – 6

Chapter 3 talks about the correct response to God’s voice – “speak, for your servant is listening.”

Contrast that to the rest of Israel – Israelites have not listened, nor do they remember.  Well, they do remember when they are in trouble!  See in 1 Sam 4:3, “let us bring the ark of the Lord’s covenant from Shiloh” because they know God has the power to save them.  A little too late, I guess.

This is exactly how I’ve treated God, as my magic wand.  My back is feeling bad, “Lord, please heal me.”  I’m unsure which job offer to take up, “Lord, please open the door and shed a light.”  The finance is a little tight this month, “Lord, please show us the light to our finances.”

The really interesting thing I thought is in 1 Sam 4:7 – even though the Philistines had their own gods and idols, they are aware of God’s power and by God, are they scared!

Lord, you are not the second choice, you ought to be my first.  You are all-able and sorry for coming to you only when I am in deep-deep trouble.  Forgive me for putting you in second place and not acknowledging your authority in my life.  Amen.

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