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Lord, thank you for making me the way I am. I am not perfect and I don’t always choose the right path, but you never forsake me.

Today I battle and wrestle within myself, but I remember you. Lord, today I choose to trust in you and focus on you. I don’t know if I will choose right tomorrow, but I know you taught me not to worry about tomorrow, let tomorrow worry itself. You have me in the palm of your hands, and I would like to stay there, in your midst.

Keep me please Lord, and protect my thoughts.



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The Vow

I love reading, especially biographies. They give real meanings to stories and experiences.

Saw the movie and then the book on the Koorong bookshelves. Was surprised how this book would end up in a Christian book store. So I borrowed it and read.

Absolutely loved it and finished it up in 2 sittings – yeah, wished I was that engrossed with God’s words :p

It’s a wonderful testimony of unfailing love between 2 ordinary people, battled through adversities unimaginable in lives. We get challenges in our marriage, but nothing comparable to these 2 people. Yet, they stood through it and remained faithful.

Most importantly, they gave the glory to God, the one true author if their love – they had received God’s unfailing love and faithfulness, they gave out the dame in return. It’s so encouraging that faithfulness is so encouraging, and so real and fulfilling.

I recall the dark days and realize that is what I need to feed on – God’s faithfulness and His answer to my cry. Those cry sounded so frugal but yet they were from the bottom of my heart. That is where my prayers need to come from, deep within, with conviction and unchallenged faith. God knows but I need to believe it myself.

God, forgive my unfaithfulness. I know what I’m doing is wrong but yet I obliged my body. Please bring me back to your light, I surrender control to you. Change me so that I can be useful to you. It’s going to be rocky, but help me to focus on the end target. Amen.

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Miracle of 5 loaves and 2 fishes

Jesus never say NO to those who seek.  All the people who gathered around him for healing and his teachings came hungry, 5000 men and their family.  Jesus healed them, taught them God’s words and truth.  After that, He fed them, with “capital” of 5 loaves and 2 fishes.  They ate to their hearts content, and there was enough leftovers at the end of the night.

Jesus gave his all, His grace is enough for all of us – even more for “takeaways” if they had asked!

But we have to come hungry – we have to be willing to stay, having faith that the 5 loaves and 2 fishes is enough to fill us.  We have to be patient sitting at our spot amongst the other 5000 families till the baskets come before us.

Wait upon the Lord, all sisters.  His saving grace is sufficient for us.  Come hungry and wait at His feet and we will not return empty.

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