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It’s interesting what life serves up in just a couple of hours.  This morning I woke up and was so inspired by Psalm 21 – yes Lord, I would like to be glad in Your presence (verse 6). Even King David, a king who has everything, rejoices in the Lord’s strength.  Because he knew that his hands had not achieved the victories; but it’s through God’s.  Such humility!  Of course the Lord would win battles and capture his enemies, of course the Lord would bless him forever!

I want to live like that!  Really, I just want to be glad in God’s presence, that simple.  I prayed that today, I would choose to be like King David – re-count God’s salvation, His promises and strength, and be glad in His presence.  All good…. or so I thought…

Just a short conversation in mid-morning landed me in the miry clay, a few words were enough to bring back the all familiar fears.  I started to see before me the enemies, and lost battles in the past.  Fears start to crept in and I could no longer feel the Lord’s presence.  Just a few words were enough to wipe out all God’s reminders a few hours earlier.

Praise God!  Had He not put this revelation in my heart this morning, I don’t think I would be able to stand on my feet this afternoon.  Yes, I did struggle.  Yes, I did stumble.  Yes, I did focus on the fears and felt paralysed for a couple of hours.  But I saw light and decided that I cannot allow this fear to overtake God’s promises.  No, nothing can separate us from the love of God through Lord Jesus Christ – God’s words had put strength in my heart and feet.

Thank God and praise God!!!


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