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Today’s sermon is on Mark 4, where Jesus calmed the seas in front of his disciples.

I thank God for allowing suffering and turbulence in our lives.  Without the rough seas and turbulent times, I will not be reminded of God’s peace, and that God is in control come what may.

We sang this song in praise and worship, a timely reminder for my fear of insecurity and uncertainty.


Faith is believing without sight,

Keeping my sight on the cross.

Faith is fully surrender,

Knowing that Lord, you are in control.

I rely on my all-powerful Lord in everything I do,

Be it in turbulence or deep in the ravine,

My heart is filled by God’s peace.

I rely on my all-powerful Lord in everything I do,

Yes, so long that I live in Your will, Lord,

I can do anything in Christ.


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Why would one not confess, when the gift of God’s forgiveness is so wonderful?

In Psalm 32 David talks about the wonderful release from God’s forgiveness.  Receiving God’s forgiveness is a blessing (verse 2), it stops us from being eaten up by guilt (verse 3a), we are no longer in pain (verse 3b) and best of all it takes God’s judgement away from us (verse 4).  And I know very well that without God’s forgiveness I will be clothed in shame and can no longer come before God – just like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden after eating the forbidden fruit.

Why not?

Thank you Lord, for being faithful to me no matter what I have done.  David has testified to your faithfulness, Your promise that as long as I will confess my transgression, You are faithful and will clothe me in your grace of forgiveness.  Lord, may I bow before You with my sins, please wash me clean with the holy blood of Jesus so that I can stand before You to worship You.  I do not want to be ashame or be eaten away by my guilt, I want fellowship with You here on earth, until Jesus comes again.  Amen.

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