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WalkOnWaterDrove by a suburb by the sea over the weekend and saw a guy with a dog… in the middle of the sea!  We stopped the car and ran to check it out.

It turned out that the man and his dog were running on a pier-like structure which stretches out into the sea, probably a visible structure on low tide but pretty much at sea level by the late afternoon.

Would love to try it out myself one day, to walk on water 🙂

We stayed to look, as the wind was rather gusty and we were curious to see if he was going to make it to shore.  It reminded me of the sleeping Jesus on board the boat, the wind and the worrisome disciples.  The disciples woke Jesus and He stopped the wind.  I cannot imagine this – standing there in the wind and suddenly in the still!  That would have been quite awesome – walking on water and in still “wind”!!!!

How wonderful are thou works, Lord Jesus.



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I have been following a New Testament reading plan of learning about Jesus’ journey on earth in 30 days.  One of the messages that came through was Jesus’ prayer – even though He is “invincible” (how much more can you get for being God Himself?!), He never stopped praying to God.  He prayed for the disciples in John 17 and it was very simply “God, be with them, because they are your chosen ones and they are in this world and so would need your protection”.  It’s so simple – God, be with us.

In Matthew 26, Jesus was overcome with sorrow that He went straight to the Father.  He was so troubled and He prayed for “God’s will be done” and He came out of it ready to face the pain.  How cool was that!?  A simple prayer and off He went – wish I could start my everyday the same way!

Praying to God also keeps us away from temptation.  Jesus foretold Peter’s denial in Matthew 26:34.  I thought, if Peter had heeded Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 26:41, “Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation,” Peter may have stood up boldly when being approached in the courtyard!  But of course that’ll never happen, Jesus knows it all and really, we ought to heed His teaching about prayer ourselves.

This hymn was sung at the service last Sunday and I thought of it throughout the week – St Francis’ Prayer.

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