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Christmas 2013

It has been a long while since my last post. Apologies to followers out there, if there’s one 🙂

The year had gone by so quickly and looking back, it seemed so long. Achievement? Not too sure. We’ve moved and settle in our new home in the new city, found a church we are yet to commit to, and bid goodbye to our old home. A lot of mileage clocked along the way but life hasn’t quite moved on as I would have loved it to.

Journey in the Lord? Am not too sure. Plenty of ups and downs, as usual, but I think trusting in the Lord has grown, thank God.

Emotionally? Like I said, still the ups and downs, but I thought I am able to tell my emotion who’s the boss here now better. It’s a good sign.

Cooking journey? I have explored more ways of making quick meals and hub has taken up salad, something I never thought was possible. Thank God for this too.

2014? Hope to continue to strengthen my journey in the Lord. This revelation came to me the other day – instead of “God, lead me,” I will pray “God, I shall follow you.” He is always there, ready to lead. Am I ready to follow???

Yes, I am. Help me to follow You, God. Amen.

Happy 2014 and a merry CHRISTmas too all!


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