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Is this a female thing, voices in me head? Are men not susceptible to it? Why do they not understand when you tell them that?
Regardless, there is the right responses, and the wrong ones to the voice.  Just like satan, the voice tells you the truth, but not the complete truth. Let me tell you my experience.

Voice: see, it’s happened again.
Me: yes….
Voice: and you did all things to not let it fall again!
Me (surprised): that’s right!
Voice: can’t stop it from happening, you know?
Me (exasperated) : but….. I tried so hard….
Voice: yea, but what’s the use?  It’s no use, is there?
Me: but…
Voice: you failed.
Me: ….
Voice: it’s evident it won’t work.  You saw it yourself, right?
Me: ….
Voice: I told you so, last time you set your mind to it, that it wasn’t gonna work.  See?  You had failed, misjudged; it’s all in vain.
Me: …. But…. It went well for …
Voice: for only a while, right?  You can’t help it and you can’t help yourself, can you?
Me: God ca….aaan… Can’t He?
Voice: yeah?  Right!  I suppose so…
Me (upbeat): ‘coz He can!
Voice: but He hadn’t changed ***, has He?  You can go and do all the right thing, but *** still won’t appreciate you, *** won’t love you more.  *** still remembers all your faults!  It’s all in vain, trust me, you saw it yourself this morning!  You’ve kid yourself long enough.  Wake up.
Me (deflated): …..

You get the picture?  Satan tells half truths – what I had done, wrong and/or right; what the other person had said , wrongly or rightly; my past failure.

But he didn’t tell the whole truth, he had left out stuff, INTENTIONALLY, so that I stay deflated and in that zone he wants me to be in!  Evil he is, this satan guy.

I have heard that you can drown out the voices of this evil man, with God’s words.  Jesus did it out in the wilderness.  He didn’t humour satan like I did, Jesus threw at him God’s words.  But that evil guy persisted!  (Only if I had the persistence of satan, I would make a great warrior!).  In the end Jesus ordered satan to go away, and he did!

Do we have the same authority and power like Jesus ?  I mean, we are not born of virgin birth; nor can we go without food and water for 40 days (well, I can’t….)…. Do you and I have that same power, to chase satan away? 

I reckon we do.  Jesus gave His disciples power and authority to heal sickness and cast out demons in Luke 9:1. We are not the ‘original’ disciples, but we are His disciples alright, so we’d have the same authority! (ok, I’m not suggesting for a minute we are demon possessed, but if we have the authority to cast out demons, this evil voice is…. what shall we call it….. chicken feet ;p)

So, you go girl, believe in the power you and I have in Jesus, let Him reign in our hearts, not that stupid voice in our heads.

Here is a song that was played on the local radio one morning on my way to work. I was again battling that voice in me head, and the song totally ripped my heart out. “How could Casting Crown know what’s going thru my head,” I thought to myself, in tears.

God knows. And He gave us the power to drown that voice, so use it without mercy. Enjoy the song.

Voice of truth, Casting Crown


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Self -discipline

Do not try to chase away goolish, silly and self-destructive thoughts .  When you ‘chase’ them away, you run after them, not going to work.  God has an army of angels, who is capable of destroying these thoughts that try to destroy you.  Leave it to Him, surrender to Him, He loves you and wants you to have peace.  Hand that yoke over to Jesus, thank you Lord, for Jesus.

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The pastor asked everyone to share with one another the week that has been and how God has been faithful.
I thought of my week, God has certainly reminded me of His faithfulness everyday this past week.  I am reminded of my sinfulneess, the lacking of my faith, my weakness and my constant doubts.  But the mystery of it all is that He doesn’t abandon me, even though I haven’t got it all together; nor does He despises me when I wreck something.  He griefs, but doesn’t walk away, He whispers ever so loudly so that I hear Him.  Isn’t that wonderful?
This song sums it up, His unfailing love…..

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Shocking news of another passing today, another talent lost to satan’s demonic stronghold.
Philip Seymour Hoffman apparently had issue with self-love.  When one doesn’t know one’s value or purpose on this earth, it is hard to live a fulfilling life, focus drifts easily.  So much talent in him, but laid to waste in satan’s hand.  I don’t know if he had a chance to accept Christ in his last moment, I hope so.
Lord, it is so good to have known you.  Whilst I do not claim to have it altogether, I am glad I have You on my side, knowing that Your love for me began even before I know You, and will never end.  Amen.

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