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Thessalonians 5:17

Just got off a troubling phone call.  It wasn’t offensive or anything, just means there is uncertainty and potentially nasty conversations coming.  Just not my preferred way to start the day, uncontrollable outcomes, a.k.a. stress with a capital S…

Sitting myself down to start the workday, I decided to change my perspective and thank God instead, “may Your will be found in this chaos, amen.”  Boy, is that powerful or what?  More so when I click on Encouragement for today on http://www.Crosswalk.com and the devotion titled “pray anytime for any reason”!  Amen!!!

Thank you Lord, for you do not want lengthy babbling prayers from our mouths, but honest and broken prayers from our hearts.  Anytime, anywhere.  Amen.


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King David is a true worshipper of God.  His psalms especially tells of his thanksgiving heart.  I’m amazed at today’s psalm, how he continued to be thankful when he is persecuted by Saul.  Verses 1 and 2 completely blew me away, and would serve well as my daily prayer – my strength is from the Lord, His mercy sustains, His throne (alone) delivers, He protects and raises me up!  How cool is that?

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