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Goodbye 2015

It’s that time of the year to look back and reflect on the soon-to-be old year.
It’s been a tumultuous year but the excitement is not wasted, as ups-and-downs are usually accompanied by God’s amazing lessons.  I’ve prayed in the past, “God, humble me,” not because I’d like to be humbled from the heart, but because I understand it’s the technically correct path to God’s heart.  Goodness, be careful what you pray for, coz you may not like it when your wish is granted.  The pain was worth it, though I know I’m not even close to where God wants me to be.
It’s been an interesting year of finding out how to pray, whether it be God’s or my heart’s desire and what’s real submission (yes, without picking it up again after leaving it at the alter….).
God also reminded me about what He’s done to my marriage many years ago and how He understands what’s important to me is important to Him too.  I continue to be amazed about how things have turned around for us for thm better and I don’t even know how we’ve made it (if not for God)!
It sounds cliche to just say “God’s good,” because, God is really good…. REAL good…. Come and taste so you’d know too.


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