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Easter 2016

We spoke with a visitor to church today.  She was invited to church by a dear brother and after chatting for awhile, she explained that she volunteers with a local organisation which has been helping the less fortunate for over a decade.  The volunteers would go into the regional areas and help out those with needs, without medical assistance and tge likes.  Very encouraging.

Very disheartening at the same time.  This organisation is run by a religious body, non Christian.  I thought to myself, what am I as a Christian doing and what are we doing to help the less fortunate?  Would it be a different story if we were to unite together here on earth and serve others? 

Lord Jesus came and died for you and I.  He rose again from the grave so that we can have eternal life.  We are given this privilege so that we can help each other to live out Christ in us, let us see and encourage the best in everyone; instead of dwelling on each other’s  shortcomings.  United, we’re stronger.


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We sang this hymn at Good Friday’s service this morning.  It strikes me that I do not think much of what I can give to Jesus, despite how much He’s done for me.  Just like Peter who denied Jesus three times; may God help us to be His friend, true friend. Amen.

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I love tuning in to christian radio and often hum along to familiar songs. I find the music entertaining, but more often than not it’s the lyrics that draw me; whether it reflects my mood of the day, what I’m going thru that particular season, or simply something I can relate to.

This morning I hum along to this, Heart like You, https://youtu.be/6pVkncEAFS4.

Nice beat and good tune, I thought to myself. Then, the chorus struck me, a heart like Jesus! That’s a tall order. His heart is pure, kind, full of understanding and compassion, passionate, forgiving, love,…. the list goes on. How can I ever have a heart like that? Not ever on this side of eternity!
Lord, Jesus’ heart is perfect, mine’s never going to be no matter how hard I try. You know this and you can work with it, so long that I give over control to you. Help me to believe in you and continually letting you work thru me. Amen.

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