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Good question, isn’t it?  It is something that I’m trying to get out of doing, pleasing others by not being myself.  Often it’s for the sake of others, so they need not feel uncomfortable; other times is so that I won’t feel uncomfortable in awkward situations, so that I’ll be accepted.

What I often forget is that God’s watching.  That’s when I need to remind myself that I’m here to be myself, coz that’s who God’s made me to be.

Ready to be myself


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I have been easily feathered of late; be it a phone call from work, requests to visit by family members; something trivial could send my anxiety on the high.

So I prayed, acknowledging the sovereign God is in control and He has the perfect will in mind. It felt peaceful.  Then this verse came to mind,


Yes!  All I’m concerned with is losing control of the outcome, which in turns had caused my anxiety.  God reassured me that whatever I do, do it as if it’s done onto Him, then He’ll take care of the rest. 

Wonderful saviour, what can I give You?  To walk humbly with you so that I can testify your goodness to this world.  Amen!

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Woke up early this morning and decided to water the plants before the sun is up.  after watering I looked at the sad garden bed and thought this is a good day to weed, rather than going back to bed.

I am not made out to be a gardener, at least that’s what I’m convinced about – the mud and dust, creepy-crawlies and sweat; not my cup of tea.  My dream is having a backyard and garden, but spare me the labour.  My other excuse is “I work full time so there’s not enough hours in the week to work in the garden,” well, now that I’m on leave, how would I get away with it?  Not anymore….

The problem with a neglected garden is everything needs fixing – plants seem to be screaming for attention from every corner!  Where do I even begin?  So I started, one corner at a time.  Not bad, stubborn weed gradually out and the once beautiful and ruly garden bed slowly emerges.

After half an hour, I took a step back to admire the fruit of my labour (ok, hadn’t even worked up a sweat…. but cut me some slack, will ya!).  How often had I walked passed this mess and dismissed it, thinking that it’ll not ever see the light of day?  I kept telling myself that it’s too hard to turn this around; that the weeds have taken ground and it’ll be impossible to uproot them all; that the once beautiful blooms would have been strangled by the intruders and not survived anyway so let’s not bother…

But now I get to enjoy not only my hardwork, but the bloom, and I see there’s actually room for more shrubs!

Isn’t this just like us, before we came to Christ?  We’re a mess, too bad to be good; and the devil has this ringing in our heads, “no point, not worth it, forget it and have fun!”  God sees the goodness behind the badness, He laid our sins on His only son, so that we can have a life worth living; so that we can bear fruits and save more souls for Christ!  Hallelujah, Amen!

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