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Feel like a fraud.

Standing in church, singing praise and worship songs, and feeling like a fraud.

Why?  Coz I’m not sure if I’m thankful, or feel like praising God for where I’m  at.

How?  How do people bring this praise and gratitude into their everyday life?  Do they live in the real world, like me, where there’s sufferings and heartaches?  Or are they a fraud like me, singing and praising here but walk out to the world and lose their joy?

Don’t know what’s been eating me, minds in a state of incomprehensible mess.  Can’t pay attention to anything and don’t have the patience for anyone.  God help me.  Or would He???

God, help me, because I’m struggling.  Struggling to trust you, struggling to love, and struggling to live like you’d want me to.  You gave me life, but I don’t serve you with this life.  I’m self seeking, I think self gratifying thoughts, and I quench your gift of the Holy Spirit.  Please forgive me, give me a new heart, so I can live again, the way you want me to live.  Thank you for Jesus’ great love and forgiveness.  Amen.


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