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The Vow

I love reading, especially biographies. They give real meanings to stories and experiences.

Saw the movie and then the book on the Koorong bookshelves. Was surprised how this book would end up in a Christian book store. So I borrowed it and read.

Absolutely loved it and finished it up in 2 sittings – yeah, wished I was that engrossed with God’s words :p

It’s a wonderful testimony of unfailing love between 2 ordinary people, battled through adversities unimaginable in lives. We get challenges in our marriage, but nothing comparable to these 2 people. Yet, they stood through it and remained faithful.

Most importantly, they gave the glory to God, the one true author if their love – they had received God’s unfailing love and faithfulness, they gave out the dame in return. It’s so encouraging that faithfulness is so encouraging, and so real and fulfilling.

I recall the dark days and realize that is what I need to feed on – God’s faithfulness and His answer to my cry. Those cry sounded so frugal but yet they were from the bottom of my heart. That is where my prayers need to come from, deep within, with conviction and unchallenged faith. God knows but I need to believe it myself.

God, forgive my unfaithfulness. I know what I’m doing is wrong but yet I obliged my body. Please bring me back to your light, I surrender control to you. Change me so that I can be useful to you. It’s going to be rocky, but help me to focus on the end target. Amen.


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I am reading Characters Around the Cross written by Tom Houston, it is a book that explores the characters surrounding Jesus’ crucifixion.  I was greatly challenged by his first chapter, exploring the characteristics and circumstances surrounding the Jews who were waving the palm leaves and laying down their cloaks for Jesus as he entered Jerusalem on a donkey.

The Jews who were there welcoming and hailing the King of Jews believed Jesus was the Messiah.  They knew their old testament well and was convinced that he was the God-sent to save the people, which explains their excitement as Jesus came riding on the donkey.  They cheered on and celebrated his arrival, beleiving in their hearts that better days are on its way.  After 3 days however, their enthusiasm took a plunge and they demanded for Pilate to crucify Jesus.  The author then explored further on how the crowd who knew God’s words so well, witnessed (or heard by the word of mouth) Jesus’ miracles, heard his teachings, amazed by his Godliness and wisdom could give up their enthusiasm so quickly; to such a point as to turn around and asked for his crucifixion!  This is how frail and fragile human is – we can easily be swayed – starting with a little doubts and our whole belief system can take a dive before we know it.  Just a little pain and we’ll wake up to realise our mortality, and we forget about God’s promise of eternal life; with a little bad influence around us and we’ll forsake the value system we hold onto; just a little remark from a nobody and we’ll forget about our value in God’s eyes.  The Jews do not recognize Jesus as their Messiah, because they cannot believe the form of punishment he had gone through.  How much better off are we today as believers, when little things surrounding us can just as easily take us away from what we believe on a daily basis?

Heavenly Father, you believe in us now matter what you see inside our hearts.  You love us so You gave up Your only son to die for us, so we may be sinless before You.  Thank you for your grace.  Please remind us daily of our position and privilege in Your kingdom, so that we do not stray or waver.  Amen.

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This is one of my favourite songs.  It first caught my attention when I was driving to work one day, a day when the voices in my head have overtaken everything else for the past days.  No doubt, the chorus spoke to me loud and clear that morning in the car, reminding me that those voices I was paying too much attention to are Satan’s lies.

Fear has such powerful grip on us, to the point of paralyzing.  It’s a snare that holds us back from moving forward.  When I’m hit with one of those moments it often feels as if I’m falling through a bottomless pit – I couldn’t be sure when the next lot of unruly thoughts are coming my way.  Sometimes, on a good day as I would describe it, I would hum to myself this tune and make a joke out of the silly voices.  Other times, on a bad day….. it is not as easy to listen to the voice of truth.

I’m reading this book, a Heart for God, and it talks about conquering fear in the first chapters – its remedy being building faith.  Listing down my fear was definitely the first step towards recovery.  I also know that if I were to step out in victory over these voices, I will need to put in more sweat and time to share with the Saviour.  Sounds like a good 2009 resolution, aye?!

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