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2017 Jan 24

This is a keepsake from a good buddy of which​ I kept it at work to remind me of God’s words.

I chewed on today’s verse, I know  that God’s path lead to the everlasting; but what does the psalmist say?  That God’s path leads through the sea!  That can’t be easy, no walk in the park?  But it’s true, Jesus had said that it is not easy to be His follower (Luke 9:23).

God’s way is through the mighty waters.  Oh dear, as if through the sea isn’t enough!  Remember the parting of the Red Sea?  Those are mighty waters, but it is no trouble for the Creator – it formed walls on either side of the path at God’s command (Exodus 14:21-22), so that the Israelites can pass through; in keeping His promise to His people.

God, Your promise is everlasting, they never goes to void.  We forget and we fret so easily when we don’t see Your footprint by our side.  Remind us daily of Your presence with us, through the sea and the waters.  Help us follow your lead, amen.


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The pastor shared with us what God had revealed to him, His promise to him many years back.  His sermon ended with an encouragement to all that we shouldn’t let go of God’s promise to us, but remember that no matter what challenge we may come across, trust Him in keeping His promise.

That was a great message, as I think back to what God had promised to me.  It is not a grand promise of making me king over Israel, but it was something for me that He will keep.  That day as I stood up in despair and confusion, I heard Him say “I’ve got you, do not worry.”  I should remember that today, and for a long time to come.

God, thank you for your promise, thank you for reminding me.  May I hang on to it all the days of my life, so that I do not stray from your sight.  Amen, thank you that You have got me, many years back, so I get to live today.

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2016 Dec 30

I’m sorry, there’s too much history in there.  Too much reminding of the past, of my mistakes, which I wish I could forget.  Too much blames going on.  Too much wrong I cannot forgive myself for.  I’d like to get away from it all, but I can’t, the past keeps coming back to haunt me.  

How does one heal from the past, I’d like to know, when there’s no running away? They say Jesus can, which I do not doubt but just how do I allow Him to heal?  I thought many times that I had gotten over the past, but how wrong was I!!!

God, I need healing, please heal me.  I don’t know how to submit, I know that’s the way to healing, but I don’t know how to do that.  Help me.  Amen.

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2016 Dec 27

How to live?  Do I live by God or by man?

DH mentioned about it’s impossible to be living by any other means except by God.  I am not so sure if I’m at the same place as him.  I don’t think I’m in a space where I say I live by God.  A lot of things I do, I think I live by human standard and my own effort.  I am not sure if I know how to live by God.  

When I’m in trouble, I pray to Him.  Honest though, I’m not sure if I actually believe or submit my situation to Him.  I still believe in myself more than in Him. I don’t know how to depend on God.

Scary eh?

Lord, your words say that I can be disbelieving, but more importantly, if I confess my disbelief, you’d help me.  Please help me, I don’t know how to live.  This is like when I first knew you, I was fearful of what is to come.  I didn’t know if I can handle it.  Thank you for reminding me of the day I had accepted you into my life, because I so need to know, to not backtrack.  Amen.

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2016 Dec 20

Oh Lord, forgive me, I think I am always right, always has the right and best answer; forever impatient with others when they are slow.  Lord I wonder if you feel the same about me?  If you do, I don’t feel it….

Help me to be more patient, more understanding and more tolerant, if that is your will for me; if that’s what stopping me from doing your will.  Thank you for listening to my prayers, amen.

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I have been very blessed, with many talents, but I don’t put God first.  David was a very beautiful man, and he had a heart for God, he feared God, and he knew God.  That’s why he was God’s favoured king and God promised him that his name will not disappear from the kingship.

I don’t deserve a place in God’s kingdom, but yet God had given me a place in heaven.  God loves me, He sent Jesus to died for me, such a gift and I should be grateful.  But I live my life not remembering that at all, I live my life to glorify myself – build my home and comfort.  And when my comfort is compromised, I whinge and whine.  

Lord, I ought to learn contentment, humility and gratitude, as you’ve saved me for your purpose.  Teach me how and forgive me for my unbelief.  Help me be more like you, Amen.

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Today’s closing song at church, with lyrics I can use to pray for Lord Jesus to renew my vows to Him.  May you be encouraged and ask Jesus into your lives daily.

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