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2017 July 6

God’s good.  Even when I’m rubbish, or should I say WHEN I’m rubbish, God is good.

I was in despair today.  Looking at the amount of work to get through and not enough hours in the day, I grew more and more depressed.

Then I looked down on the desktop, and I saw this verse.  What a reminder!  Thank you Lord!


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Whatever human tries to do, it is inspired by nature, created by God.  We don’t create or start anything new, our ideas are from God.

Think flying.  Where do you think that had come from?  Birds.  Yes, who had created the birds?

Ever seen a flick of inflight birds?  I see them today, and they look awfully alike to the wonder fireworks try to depict. 

The next time I praise human hands, let me look to my Creator.

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2017 Jan 24

This is a keepsake from a good buddy of which​ I kept it at work to remind me of God’s words.

I chewed on today’s verse, I know  that God’s path lead to the everlasting; but what does the psalmist say?  That God’s path leads through the sea!  That can’t be easy, no walk in the park?  But it’s true, Jesus had said that it is not easy to be His follower (Luke 9:23).

God’s way is through the mighty waters.  Oh dear, as if through the sea isn’t enough!  Remember the parting of the Red Sea?  Those are mighty waters, but it is no trouble for the Creator – it formed walls on either side of the path at God’s command (Exodus 14:21-22), so that the Israelites can pass through; in keeping His promise to His people.

God, Your promise is everlasting, they never goes to void.  We forget and we fret so easily when we don’t see Your footprint by our side.  Remind us daily of Your presence with us, through the sea and the waters.  Help us follow your lead, amen.

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Never been a fan of new year resolution.

But perhaps THE year to start. To change some false beliefs.

1. I can change.  I am within my control.

2.  There’s nothing wrong with conflicts. Don’t need to avoid it like a plague, and definitely not to be stressed when it isn’t within my control.

3.  Admit there’s no value in arguments.  No one needs to be right all the time.  And can’t be, for that matter.

4.  Don’t sweat over none value-adding stuff.  Arguing being one of them.

5.  Write more blog posts.

Let’s see how I go.  Happy new year to all.

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You would have heard “do not worry” umpteen times, or may be a frequent giver of such “advice” to friends and family.  Often I don’t receive such comments well, especially when my emotion is so overwhelmed and I would shut down completely when I hear such statement.  I would love to learn how to NOT worry…. I hate to think worrying mean my faith is weak, or doesn’t it?

Needless to say, I have an unstoppable mind, like all good women 🙂  I discovered recently how the busyness of my mind works – as soon as I see the lingering dark clouds, for example, I’d start to plan in my head what not to wear when I go out in a moment, or to remember to uncover the pool, or to…. you get the drift, it doesn’t stop.  

Only in the last couple of days could I suddenly relate to the phrase “stop and smell the roses”.  Rather than enjoying and rejoicing over the cooler temperatures from the lingering dark clouds, my mind starts to manage what to expect next and how to respond to those events.  Yes, God gave us wisdom to decipher and manage situations, but it’s not ALL the time (as was in my case)!  It’s no wonder I am so exhausted by the end of each day, as my mind would have gone thru double /triple or even quadruple the number of events that had taken place during the day!

I don’t know if I can break this habit, but if this is God’s lesson for me then I shall.  I think essence is to give thanks and remember God in all situation, that’s the “quick fix”.  So instead of tumbling minds, I would turn my head to “smell the roses” and thank God for them!  

(unless it’s a wild boar running after me, I would need to start running for my life!)

Thank you Lord for the revelation and your wise words.  Amen.

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I have been very blessed, with many talents, but I don’t put God first.  David was a very beautiful man, and he had a heart for God, he feared God, and he knew God.  That’s why he was God’s favoured king and God promised him that his name will not disappear from the kingship.

I don’t deserve a place in God’s kingdom, but yet God had given me a place in heaven.  God loves me, He sent Jesus to died for me, such a gift and I should be grateful.  But I live my life not remembering that at all, I live my life to glorify myself – build my home and comfort.  And when my comfort is compromised, I whinge and whine.  

Lord, I ought to learn contentment, humility and gratitude, as you’ve saved me for your purpose.  Teach me how and forgive me for my unbelief.  Help me be more like you, Amen.

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Funny how my mind works!  Was at training last week and I’d usually log onto work emails a day before going back to the office, to check that there’s not been any fire waiting for me to put out.

Hmmmm…  Nothing.  No hell broke lose in my absence.

Started feeling uneasy.  Instead of feeling happy that all’s well, I felt kind of disappointed.

Then today a newbie joined and we had a meet and greet.  He sounds knowledgable, I thought.  He’s been tasked to look at my team and how it could be working better.

Ouch…. instead of feeling grateful for there’s just been no time to look beyond the bare minimum, I’m looking at this extra resource with dubious eyes?

Inadequacy, that’s the problem.  The little voice is telling me I’m no longer in demand; things have worked without me and it’s transmitting insecurity signals.  I felt the need to justify my existence, prove my ability.  How ridiculous!

God help me, be gracious to me for lessons to learn are many.  I thank you for revealing my insecurity from deep within, as you know my every being and I need not hide from you. Thank you for loving me despite it all.  Amen.

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