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It’s leading up to Chrismas.  Last Sunday’s sermon was about Jesus’s mission, per God’s instruction and design, not man’s.   Today’s devotion too reminded me the goodness of God’s salvation plan – to reconcile men to God.  How more wonderful can that get?  Why were the Israelites dissatisfied with that?

Today I think I can feel a little bit of how the Israelites might have felt around Jesus’s crucifixion.  They had been suppressed, ruled over, walked over even; for an awfully long time.  Justice isn’t there, the memory of a great Israel nation is long forgotten by all.  They want a king, a ruler who would bring that glory back.

Today I too want Jesus to come out as the (my) super power, trample those unjust people and fly that flag of glory over the spoil – move over, you horrible peoples!!!

But God’s got a different plan.  His dream of a kingdom is grand-er – the entire world, not just Israel.  His timing is different – not here and now.  His justice is different – He gives men a chance to repent, to win them all – while the Israelites call for others to perish, so that they may be lifted high.

Sometimes it’s really hard to submit to God’s plan and purpose, coz I think I know better.  But I don’t.  How can I when I’m only a speck.  So, revelation of the day, move over, me, so that He may thrive abd do His wonders.


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2017 Nov 28

Have just returned from a holiday and back to the daily grind.  This break from work had taught me a few things:

  1. take work less seriously and I am only paid the 7.5 hours to contribute my expertise.  My family, friends and God need me for the other 16.5 hours. 
  2. my spiritual health is on a slippery slope and I didn’t care to put a stop to it.  Lucky for me, God won’t give up as easily as I would, and He’s standing by calling out all the time (but I’ve had earplugs on).
  3. it is so easy to brush God aside, as easily as to pick it up – it’s a choice.  So, instead of reading a fiction to pass time, speak to God – that is equally satisfying and relaxing.

Now, the decision is mine – God has spoken, what do I choose?  Live by my flesh or by His power?  Let’s visit this in a week’s time for the verdict!

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What truth and wisdom from a faithful king – even the king lays out his concern before the Lord; why would I hold on to mine?

Lord, I want to learn from Hezekiah, turn to you and uphold you and trust in you in times of anxiety and confusion.  Amen.

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Who’s “the beloved of the Lord”?  That’s everyone, regardless of what we’ve done, who we are; God is perfect – he doesn’t judge us like the world does, he accepts us for who we are, he doesn’t value us based on what we do, or don’t do.  

What are we, the beloved of the Lord, invited to do?  To “rest secure in Him”.  We pray and ask for security we know of – the high paying job, the home with a view, a uni degree, safe travel – but He offers more than the simplistic security, He offers us REST.  We are constantly on the run/move; feeling guilty even when we stop to take a breather.  So busy that we don’t stop to hear Him, connect with Him or thank Him.
The verse tells us another reason we can rest in Him, because He shields us ALL DAY LONG – not just for a minute, not only for a season; but for a long-long time.  He’s here to stay.  We can rest between His shoulders, sit tall, not afraid of falling off; the strong shoulders of the Lord, carrying us through and shielding us from dangers.
Thank you Lord…. Let us renew our commitment to TRUST in You, because you are the one who secures us and shields us; most of all, You had loved us first before we knew You.  Amen.

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Today’s light bulb moment came at work

I wished I weren’t at work this morning, and this is no Monday blues.  I have never hated to be at a place this much before.  Ever.  I thought to myself, “if only I don’t need to be here, how wonderful would it be?  God, please give me another job?”

I then started to wonder, bet Jesus didn’t need to work, or face the crap that I do on a daily basis.  I mean, Jesus would have a more understanding boss than I do, right?  There’d be no pressure at work for him, would there?  People would listen to him, pay attention to what he said?  There’s definitely more satisfaction with what he’s achieved, you know, the moment he sighed, “it’s finished!”

Well, let’s see.  No doubt God is a loving God.  But I’m not sure what went thru Jesus’ mind in the garden of Gathsemene, when he asked God to remove the cup.  Don’t forget the Pharisees, they were at every corner trying to trick him, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce.

Don’t think for a moment Jesus had it good.  He went around, performing miracles, feeding the thousands, teaching and sharing.  When it came to the crunch though, no on really cared when he was on the cross dying.  

I don’t think God will have me around corners sharing the gospel or evangelising just yet.  I mean, I can’t stand my fellow colleagues giving me the cold shoulder.  How would I be able to withstand the scorn people give me when I’m on the street?  Still plenty to learn for me.  It’s only the first day at God’s school….

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2016 Dec 20

Oh Lord, forgive me, I think I am always right, always has the right and best answer; forever impatient with others when they are slow.  Lord I wonder if you feel the same about me?  If you do, I don’t feel it….

Help me to be more patient, more understanding and more tolerant, if that is your will for me; if that’s what stopping me from doing your will.  Thank you for listening to my prayers, amen.

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You would have heard “do not worry” umpteen times, or may be a frequent giver of such “advice” to friends and family.  Often I don’t receive such comments well, especially when my emotion is so overwhelmed and I would shut down completely when I hear such statement.  I would love to learn how to NOT worry…. I hate to think worrying mean my faith is weak, or doesn’t it?

Needless to say, I have an unstoppable mind, like all good women 🙂  I discovered recently how the busyness of my mind works – as soon as I see the lingering dark clouds, for example, I’d start to plan in my head what not to wear when I go out in a moment, or to remember to uncover the pool, or to…. you get the drift, it doesn’t stop.  

Only in the last couple of days could I suddenly relate to the phrase “stop and smell the roses”.  Rather than enjoying and rejoicing over the cooler temperatures from the lingering dark clouds, my mind starts to manage what to expect next and how to respond to those events.  Yes, God gave us wisdom to decipher and manage situations, but it’s not ALL the time (as was in my case)!  It’s no wonder I am so exhausted by the end of each day, as my mind would have gone thru double /triple or even quadruple the number of events that had taken place during the day!

I don’t know if I can break this habit, but if this is God’s lesson for me then I shall.  I think essence is to give thanks and remember God in all situation, that’s the “quick fix”.  So instead of tumbling minds, I would turn my head to “smell the roses” and thank God for them!  

(unless it’s a wild boar running after me, I would need to start running for my life!)

Thank you Lord for the revelation and your wise words.  Amen.

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