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“This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.”
Galatians 5:16‭-‬17 KJV


This is verse of the today, and it’s caught my attention, as it reinforces today’s message at church.  If we give in to our fleshly desire, we grieve the Holy Spirit.  And when we live in the flesh, we cannot be in the spirit; because God hates sin.  So resist temptation if I want to live for God and as God’s people.

Help me do that, Lord, and may the glory be yours only. Amen


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The pastor shared with us what God had revealed to him, His promise to him many years back.  His sermon ended with an encouragement to all that we shouldn’t let go of God’s promise to us, but remember that no matter what challenge we may come across, trust Him in keeping His promise.

That was a great message, as I think back to what God had promised to me.  It is not a grand promise of making me king over Israel, but it was something for me that He will keep.  That day as I stood up in despair and confusion, I heard Him say “I’ve got you, do not worry.”  I should remember that today, and for a long time to come.

God, thank you for your promise, thank you for reminding me.  May I hang on to it all the days of my life, so that I do not stray from your sight.  Amen, thank you that You have got me, many years back, so I get to live today.

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2017 Jan 8

Sometimes I wonder what God tries to say to me, today I think I got it loud and clear – attended 2 church services and took away similar messages from both.  Have personal time with God.  Know my Savior.  Rely and submit to Him.  Trust. Then I shall hear and know what He has in place for me, or why I am where  I am.

Sounds like a plan, for the new year.  Thank you Lord.  May 2017 be blessed, really blessed.

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Today’s sermon is on we are the salt and light in this world, Matthew 5:13-17.  By being salt and light of this world, we are to be seen from afar, displaying Christ-like charateristics so that the world knows hope, peace and joy God has for all.  The really interesting thing is when the pastor mentioned that when God is visible, we are no longer visible – when salt gives its saltiness, it is dissolved and is no longer there; after a match gives out its light, it “dies” – so we are no more but God is exalted.

Wait.  I’m what???  No more, you said?  Why can’t it be about ME?  I’ve put in the hardwork, put up with unreasonable people, but yet it’s not about me?  You had better be joking.

While battling this thought all day today, feeling miserable because no one’s looking my way and nothing seems to be going right, I received a text from a dear buddy.  She’s been reading this blog and she claims that the words had encouraged her.

My God, yes, my God’s words had encouraged her, not mine.  That’s what the sermon meant, if we bring light, then we bring out Jesus, Jesus’ love, peace and joy.  These save, not me.  So it’s never about me, but Jesus, and I’ve gotta learn to accept that. 

Lord, satan has laid in my heart to look within myself and feed my desire to self-exalt.  Help me to recognise this early instead of giving satan a foothold in my heart.  His way leads to darkness, as we’ve seen in Adam and Eve’s decision.  I do not wish to be separated from You, so keep me on track please.  Amen.

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God, help me to lay aside the weights and sins that amplifies the giant before me; but choose to fix my eyes on Jesus, to complete the race you have for me here on earth.  Amen.

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Today’s sermon is on Mark 4, where Jesus calmed the seas in front of his disciples.

I thank God for allowing suffering and turbulence in our lives.  Without the rough seas and turbulent times, I will not be reminded of God’s peace, and that God is in control come what may.

We sang this song in praise and worship, a timely reminder for my fear of insecurity and uncertainty.


Faith is believing without sight,

Keeping my sight on the cross.

Faith is fully surrender,

Knowing that Lord, you are in control.

I rely on my all-powerful Lord in everything I do,

Be it in turbulence or deep in the ravine,

My heart is filled by God’s peace.

I rely on my all-powerful Lord in everything I do,

Yes, so long that I live in Your will, Lord,

I can do anything in Christ.

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Our pastor was doing a series on prayer on the regular Sunday service and this weekend was the end of it.

It wasn’t particularly exciting – we all know about the “theory” on prayers – do it regularly, it’s a conversation between God and us, God loves it, it’s spiritual…. – what more do we need to learn except to get to it!?

But one thing really stood out for me this week.  On any particular day when we pray for our non-believing friends and relatives, one thing I usually pray is ask God to “open their eyes and hearts so that they may know the Lord.”  Well, how about this, the pastor suggested, “open up MY eyes and heart, Lord, teach me ways to bring Christ’s love into their lives; show me areas where they need your provision and love.”?

It’s true, without knowing what the non-believers need we can’t fill the void that this world cannot offer.  Remembering the first time I could believe in the Lord’s provision was when I could not find comfort from worldly things – the peace that believing in a living God offered.

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