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Maybe I’m getting older but singing hymns do put a smile on my face.  This hymn was sung last Sunday and I fell in love with the last verses – yes, my wandering heart, prone to leave the great I AM.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do while pondering on His great love.


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Very good song to start devotion time.

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Sang at Sunday’s service and I love the lyrics.  I thought it may be a hymn originally so pleasantly surprise to learn that it’s from Hillsong.

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Today’s closing song at church, with lyrics I can use to pray for Lord Jesus to renew my vows to Him.  May you be encouraged and ask Jesus into your lives daily.

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Our God

When there’s such a great God, why keep it in the closet?


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Good question, isn’t it?  It is something that I’m trying to get out of doing, pleasing others by not being myself.  Often it’s for the sake of others, so they need not feel uncomfortable; other times is so that I won’t feel uncomfortable in awkward situations, so that I’ll be accepted.

What I often forget is that God’s watching.  That’s when I need to remind myself that I’m here to be myself, coz that’s who God’s made me to be.

Ready to be myself

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We sang this hymn at Good Friday’s service this morning.  It strikes me that I do not think much of what I can give to Jesus, despite how much He’s done for me.  Just like Peter who denied Jesus three times; may God help us to be His friend, true friend. Amen.

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